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Stamps, Postal History and Specialized Philatelic Material
for the Cuba collector

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What we do.....

We developed and maintain this site dedicated to the collector of Cuban stamps and Cuba postal history.

Right from the start, one of our main goals had been to create a site in which Cuba stamp collectors could very easily search for and locate items that matched their collecting interests, without having to sort through many other items that did not.

With that in mind, our listings are organized under more than 85 different collecting categories, making it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. If you collect only unused single stamps, there is no need to spend time looking at used blocks of 4, etc.

Visit the Storefront page and from the vertical Menu Bar on the left side of the screen, just click on any of the COLLECTING CATEGORIES that match your collecting interests.

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Over 550 Cuba items listed at this time

Where we are.....

We are located in the United States of America,
in the township of Old Bridge, New Jersey, but only an email away at:


English, Spanish and "Cuban" spoken!

Who we are.....

Cuban-Stamps.com Online Store is the after-retirement project of a man that has been a Cuba stamp collector for 65 years...., [1]


My name is José L. González and it all started way way back in 1951 in my native Havana, when our 5th grade teacher, Mr. Méndez, brought his stamp album to the classroom to show us kids.

As the old song goes, "Just one look, that's all it took" and I was hooked for life. I started working on my own collection the very next day!

I had always known there were few stamp stores in the neighborhood, but up to that time, had never paid much attention to them.

M. Pascual's stamp store was located at Zulueta St., about three short blocks from my school,

and Alberto Pérez's Casa Filatélica Lily

and Ricardo del Campo’s stamp store were also very close by, at Obispo St. [2]

I visited these stores almost every day after school, purchasing stamps as the allowance from my parents permitted or just looking at the wonderful displays when money was running low.

Sometime in 1957 I became acquainted with Celestino San Gil,[3] a Havana "vest-pocket" stamp dealer that soon became one of my favorite sources for new purchases and philatelic advice. He was very influential in my decision, shortly thereafter, to trade all my foreign stamps and specialize in Cuban philately.

In April 1958, I joined the Philatelic Club of the Republic of Cuba[4] at the then recently inaugurated San José Street building.[5] When you entered the building, there was a small room to the left where the 1939 First Experimental Postal Rocket was on permanent display. No matter how many times I visited the Club, it was always great to see the Postal Rocket one more time. [6]

At the Club I had the privilege of meeting many of the greats of Cuban philately of the time; among them Dr. Buenaventura Cruz Planas, José L. Guerra Aguiar, Dr. Ernesto Bello, Dr. Tomás A. Terry, Richard Milián Cantero, Bernabé de Varona and many others.

From those early beginnings, stamp collecting turned into a lifelong affair, interrupted only at times by the harsh realities of life in communist Cuba after January 1st 1959,[7] marriage, the birth of two daughters, twenty-seven month internment in a Castro forced labor camp and our eventual relocation to the USA on July 31st 1971.

As with most Cuban refugee families, all our belongings stayed behind and were lost forever; among other things, my Cuba stamp collection of twenty years and our two-tone 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air![8]

Finding a job, a place to live, getting reacquainted with the English language and all the other nuances of starting a whole new life in America became the main priorities for a while.

But by 1974 I was back at stamp collecting and by 1988 I had accumulated so much Cuban material that I decided to sell some.

If you have been collecting Cuba stamps for a while, you may remember my Cuba mail order list, advertised in Linn's Stamp News and published from 1988 to 1998 under the name Antillana. This list had more than 20 pages filled with Cuba stamp offerings when it went out to collectors in 1997,

or my presence in eBay starting in 1998, under the username spic-and-span. (Back in 1998, that eBay username seemed very appropriate for a Spanish guy with a good sense of humor, but the username was later changed to cuban-stamps to more properly reflect what we were selling in eBay.)

And now, after retiring from the "day job" and in keeping with the changing times, I welcome you to my Cuban-Stamps.com Online Store.

If you were satisfied with any previous purchases you made from me or if you just found out about my new Website and are visiting for the first time, I promise you will be equally satisfied with any purchases you make from Cuban-Stamps.com.

My commitment to you is that I will describe every item offered in this Site as carefully and accurately as I know how and that I would not put in these pages anything that I would not put in my own personal collection.

Thanks for reading this far! I hope I did not bore you with, very probably, too much personal information while trying to make the case for why my very long experience as a Cuba stamp collector and dealer will influence the quality and scope of the material you will find in these pages.


José L. González

[1],.... a "part time" Cuba stamp dealer for 28 years and a "full time" Power Plant Senior Operations Supervisor for 33 years, until retirement in 2006.

[2] Ricardo del Campo had a very low tolerance for 12 year old kids in school uniforms in his store. We had about 5 minutes to make a purchase before being asked to leave the store. But we came back after a couple of days anyway! I reminded him of those times when I visited his store in Miami and we laughed together!

[3] Celestino San Gil was also the actor that played the part of Generalísimo Máximo Gómez in the 1954 movie, La Rosa Blanca.

[4] Club Filatélico de la República de Cuba

[5] See Cuba Scott C147

[6] The Postal Rocket has been since, relocated to the Cuban Postal Museum in Havana.

[7] The Cuban Revolution was not officially declared by Fidel Castro to be "a communist Revolution" until April 17th, 1961, during the Bay of Pigs invasion. By doing so on that day, if you protested, they would accuse you of being a traitor to your Country rather than just being an anti-communist. But needless to say, many of us already suspected what was going on as early as mid 1959.

[8] I recently saw what looks like a fairly recent Cuban postcard picturing a 54 Chevy Bel-Air and I am convinced the car in that picture is my car, still on the streets of Havana after all these years!

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