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Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Item Number: 26-Sc0002
Description: Cuba 1855 - Sc 2, EDIFIL Ant. 2, no gum, single
Price: $35.00 USD

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Cuba 1855 - Sc 2 - EDIFIL Ant. 2 - 1 Real de Plata Fuerte single.
A 1 Real de Plata Fuerte, green on blue paper, watermark "Loops" stamp with extraordinary centering and strong colors. We have owned this stamp for many years and always considered it an unused, no gum stamp until we just did the scans for this listing. We now see that the stamp has a very faint, perfectly horizontal pen line applied at the level of the Queen's mouth, that is invisible to the naked eye. This line is made visible by the ultra-violet component of the scanner's light source. This type of pen line is consistent with the ones that can be found on some other MUESTRA stamps of the time and it was probably done using an ink that faded out over the last 158 years. There is no evidence whatsoever that the stamp was chemically treated to remove the pen mark, since the blue color paper used for these is very sensitive to chemical manipulations and it remains in it's normal blue tone on this stamp as does the green color ink. This pen line is completely invisible to the eye, even under magnification and can only be seen on these scanned pictures. Even though we are listing this stamp as a MUESTRA (SPECIMEN) we are not sure if it is a MUESTRA or a used stamp that was cancelled with a type of ink that faded away over the years. BUT WE ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT IT WAS NOT CHEMICALLY TREATED TO REMOVE A POSTAL CANCELLATION.


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