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Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Item Number: 31-1898Sc166
Description: Cuba 1898 - Sc 166 on cover DROGUERIA Y FARMACIA LA REUNION de Jose Sarra, illustrated envelope
Price: $125.00 USD

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Cuba 1898 - Sc 166 - (EDIFIL 164) on a beautiful José Sarrá illustrated advertising cover. The 6c dark blue stamp of 1898-99 on a beautiful cover, used from Havana to New York, U.S.A. Printed all-over-top, 154x120mm., illustrated advertising envelope of "DROGUERIA Y FARMACIA "LA REUNION" DE JOSÉ SARRÁ - Teniente Rey 41 y Compostela 83 y 85, HABANA. The quality of the engraved illustration is incredible. Looking with a magnifying glass, a lot of detail can be seen, including the year of construction of the building (1884) that can be seen on the capitel at the top of the building. The engraving was done by "B.Arnaud-Graveur-Lyon-Paris" In great condition overall. There is a light diagonal fold at the lower left corner and a very small loss of paper at the upper right corner that can be seen in the scan below. There is some very light toning on the front of the envelope, mostly on the right side and almost invisible to the naked eye but picked up and enhanced by our scanner. The cover looks great when you are holding it in your hand and looking right at it! - This pharmacy had been established as far back as 1853. It was my mother's favorite place, since by the early 1950's, they were selling a lot more than medications in this 80,000+ sq feet store, that could have been compared to a modern day Walmart store. The Teniente Rey and Compostela streets intersected and the three buildings had common interior walls that were knocked down and a very, very large store was created. My favorite part of the store was the soda fountain, with probably 80 or 90 different flavors offered. A large glass of soda (would guess 14 ounces) was 2 centavos and an even larger glass, (perhaps 20 ounces or better) was 3 centavos!. Those were the days!


Larger picture of this great cover