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Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Item Number: 37-US-EDIF87F
Description: Cuba 1910 - EDIFIL 87F - 175X100mm, 5c blue stamped envelope, uprated and used to Germany.
Price: $115.00 USD

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Cuba 1910 - EDIFIL 87F - 175x100mm Joaquin de Agüero, 5 centavos stamped envelope. The 1910 Joaquin de Agüero, 5c blue stamped envelope, uprated and used in 1922 from Matanzas to Elberfeld, Germany. The additional required postage was paid by the addition of a 1c José Martí and a 2c Máximo Gómez stamps of the 1917 issue. Indicium and stamps canceled with two strikes of a strongly applied but somewhat blurry MATANZAS - MATANZAS - APR 15 - 7AM - 1922 duplex cds. This envelope is the THIN LAID paper variety WITHOUT "Waterlow & Sons" embossed on the upper left inner margin of the envelope. Cleanly opened at the bottom margin. The 2012 EDIFIL catalogue value could/would have been around € 120,- or US $ 156.00. We arrived at this likely valuation by averaging the catalogue prices of the two very similar uprated envelopes that EDIFIL illustrates and prices. As an added bonus, the 1 cent green José Martí stamp is extremely misperforated, showing a very wide left side margin. In a lifetime of looking at Cuba stamped envelopes, this is the only 1910 used, uprated, 5c blue we have ever seen, other than the two listed and illustrated in the 2012 EDIFIL catalogue.


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