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Saturday, December 14, 2019

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Item Number: 39-UN-EDIF073A
Description: Cuba 1944 - EDIFIL 73A - Type II Revalued Postal Card
Price: $38.00 USD

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Cuba 1944 - EDIFIL 73A Type II - The 1907 2 centavos, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Postal Card, revalued in 1944
The 2 centavos Carlos Manuel de Céspedes postal card of 1907, revalued (HABILITADA) to be used as a 1 centavo card. Remainders of the 1907 cards were revalued by means of a "HABILITADA PARA - UN CENTADO framed legend printed in red at the upper right margin. This is the Type II card in which the "leave ornaments" of the frame, specially at the upper and lower right corners, are broken up and very different from the way these corners look on the Type I cards. Unused and in great condition. The EDIFIL 2012 catalogue prices these Type II cards in unused condition at € 40,- or around US $52.00 at the current rate of exchange.


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