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Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Item Number: 58-Wilson-053-1902
Description: Cuba 1902 - Wilson's No. 53 - View of Parque de Armas used from Havana to Uruguay
Price: $20.00 USD

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Cuba 1902 - Wilson's No. 53 - Plaza de Armas - View from the Palace Balcony.
This very early, black and white, undivided back card was sent from Havana to Paysand˙, Uruguay. Stamp cancelled with HAVANA - CUBA - OCT 14, 1902 (inverted) duplex cds. Stamped in trasit on front, at Montevideo and backstamped on arrival: PAYSAND┌ - 26 NOV, 1902, twice. The sender of the card tells the addressee that "yo no soy coleccionista de sellos pero puede escribir a Sr. Guillermo Villalba, Zulueta 71". (I am not a stamp collector but you can write to Mr. Guillermo Villalba, Zulueta 71). A very rare destination for anything mailed from Cuba. These Wilson cards are, in our opinion, the most beautiful Cuba cards ever made. This opinion seems to be shared by collectors judging by the very high demand for cards from this publisher